Dendrophile LP / CD Box Set / CD / Digital (Lone Bear Records) & Cassette Tape (Snake Oil Kassettforlag) February 2022

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1. Dendrophile – Hug the Trees
2. Defend the Nature
3. When every Cage is empty
4. Eternal Winter (Feat. Fenriz & Sadomancer)

5. Midnight Forest
6. The great Intelligence of Trees
7. Beautiful Landscapes
8. Save the Planet – Go Vegan
9. A lone Bear in a windy Forest

All hardware and software synthesizers, vocoders and speech synthesis by Bjørn Jeppesen.

All tracks composed and performed by Nattefrost.”Eternal Winter” features vocal by Gylve Fenris Nagell (Fenriz) & Cato Stormoen Sadomancer).

All tracks were composed and recorded by Bjørn Jeppesen from July 2020 – January 2022 except for “Beautiful Landscapes” which was recorded in september 1999 and “Save the Planet – Go Vegan” which was recorded in January 2019.

This album was produced, mixed and mastered at Nattefrost Studio in January 2022 by Bjørn Jeppesen.

Cover Illustrations by Anne Laursen.

Cover design by

The album is dedicated to the lovely and really beautiful nature around us and also to each and every animal out there.

The album was released as Digital Download, on Vinyl LP, Cassette Tape, Digipak CD and as a Limited Edition CD Box Set.
The CD Box Set comes in a gold laminated box with the cover artwork printed. Inside are the digipak CD version, 2 postscards, a pen (metal) with engraved Nattefrost logo and a 33 x 70 cm sized poster. All income with this box set was donated to the International Animal Welfare organisation.

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