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Black Vinyl LP
Black Vinyl LP
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Cassette Tape 8-Paged J-Card Sleeve
Book Rear

The black vinyl LP is limited to 300 copies. It’s released by Lone Bear Records.

The rare CD Box Set is something really special. It comes in a gold laminated box with the cover artwork printed. Inside you’ll find the digipak CD version, 2 postscards, a pen (metal) with engraved Nattefrost logo, a 52-paged picture book with photos from many of Bjørn Jeppesen’s personal hiking trips in Denmark and a 33 x 70 cm sized poster. All income with this box set was donated to the International Animal Welfare organisation. 
The box set is limited to 50 copies and was sold out before it went into printing.

The CD Version comes in a digipak sleeve with 4-paged inner sleeve. It was released in 300 copies by Lone Bear Records.

The cassette tape version is limited to 50 copies and was released by Snake Oil Kassetteforlag in Norway.

The 52-paged picture book “Hiking Adventures in the Danish Nature” by Bjørn Jeppesen was included in the box set version of the album. The book can also be ordered on its own in a bigger format either as paperback or hardback.

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