LP Front Cover
CD Front Cover
Cassette Tape Front Cover
Promotional CD Front Cover
CD Test Pressing Front
Black Vinyl LP
Cassette Tape
Promo CD
LP Rear
CD Rear
Cassette Tape 2-Paged J-Card Sleeve
Promotional CD Rear
CD Test Pressing Rear

The black vinyl LP was limited to 300 copies. It’s released by Lone Bear Records.

The CD Version comes in a digipak sleeve and was released in 300 copies by NFP.

The cassette tape version is limited to 50 copies and was released by Snake Oil Kassetteforlag in Norway.

The rare promotional CD version was sent out the radio stations, magazine and DJ’s around the world.
Unlike the regular CD version the promo CD is with a glossy surface and comes in a cardboard sleeve.

This very rare CD test pressing was done in 2 copies just to test that everything was sounding as it should. It comes in a digipak sleeve like the regular CD release but with a glossy surface on the actual disc.

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