12" White Vinyl Front Cover
CD Single Front Cover
Cassette Single Front Cover
12" White Vinyl
12" White Vinyl
Cassette Tape
12" Rear
12" Rear
CD Single Rear
Cassette Single 2-Paged J-Card Sleeve

The white vinyl 12″ is limited to 50 copies and was quickly sold out. It’s the only format that holds 4 tracks. “Nocturnal War” is exclusive for this 12″ and was recorded in September 1999.
It’s released by Lone Bear Records.

The CD Version comes in a glossy cardboard sleeve. It s features the single version of “Defend the Nature” and “The great Intelligence of Trees” It was released in 75 copies by Lone Bear Records.

The cassette Single version was limited to 50 copies and holds the same 2 tracks as the CD Single. It has a clear tape shell.
It was released by Snake Oil Kassetteforlag in Norway.

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